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GTK Institute

The Clinical Center

The center, and its specialized activities concerning the mental health field, represents a point of reference for the psychological well-being.

The GTK, specialized center in psychotherapy, was established in Ragusa in 1980 with the constitution of the school of specialization in Gestalt Psychotherapy and later, during the 90ties, new headquarters were built in Rome and Venice.

The center, with its specialized activities in the mental care field, represents a referent point for every information and need related to the psychological well-being. It stands out for the specificity of the diagnosis and treatments and for the ability to transfer the research results to the clinical activity.

The Center is addressed to

the individual

kids, teenagers, adults


and families


and community

Clinical activity

The diagnosis and the treatment inside the teoric and clinical hermeneutics of the GTK Institute acquires an original specificity since the therapeutic relationship itself becomes the instrument for the diagnosis and the treatment. The connective experience which is different for every pathology, reappears in the here and now of the relationship. The relationship becomes the time and the phenomenologic place where it is possible to recreate the past through a new experience of the self.

Methods of intervention

The first consultative meeting involves the request’s analysis and the collection of the anamnesis. In particular, the application’s examination led by a professional team allows to decide who entrusts with the case and the kind of individual, couple or family intervention to realize.
The following meetings will concern the diagnosis and the decision about the therapeutic or psychotherapeutic orientation or a specialized psychiatric consult. These meetings are carried out by experts specialized in the specific discipline who were also trained in the center’s GT (psychotherapists- psychologists and/or doctors) selected among the Gestalt’s specialists in psychotherapy respectively in the cities of Ragusa, Rome and Venice.
The intervention could call for a psycho-diagnostic examination (anamnestic and psycho-diagnostic interview) and/or a psychiatric evaluation.

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